Country Kitchen Rinku Town – Osaka

Country Kitchen

When I came to Sendai, the first year I couldn’t go anywhere because I was pregnant. My husband bought a book on travelling in Japan. I like to scroll down the book and look a long time to the picture of Osaka with ferris wheel as their symbol. “One day I will visit this town”, that’s what I said to myself and so the opportunity did come. There it was, the Rinku Town ferris wheel with sparkling lights shining in the darkness.
Rinku Town

We stayed in Star Gate hotel which was adjacent to the train station and to Rinku Town shopping mall. On 47th floor, you can see the bay side at night.
rinku town at night

The time was around Christmas so they had all these beautiful Christmas decorations in the lobby.
christmas decorations

The Christmas tree and it’s hanging decorations in the center of the lobby.
christmas tree

Too bad we came to late at the hotel so all the shops where closed but luckily some diners was still open. We went to “Country Kitchen” buffet restaurant. They served pizza, pasta and Italian tomato chicken, which was very tasty. The next selection was assorted fried chicken, French fried and fried onions. I added some vegetables from the salad bar to go with. I was mad about their pizza and paste, this I really recommend
main course counrey kitchen

Their soup menu was corn or onion soup. We loved the corn soup and some assorted fries to go with.
corn soup country kitchen

Just as any buffet restaurant, they had the chocolate fountain and the drink bar. I took some of their sweets selection from the dessert bar.My favorite was the French toast with various kinds of berries, yummy.
dessert selection

Except for the pizza and the pasta, all was so so. We loved the ambiance of the restaurant that had trains travelling around..”choo..choo..”


6 thoughts on “Country Kitchen Rinku Town – Osaka

  1. Dear Mama Miyuki …thank you for all your colourful posts and for extending my knowledge of world cuisine. I began reading this post with great curiosity and admiring the colours (I love anything colourful!) and then my heart sank when I saw the photo of the dish with Italian food on it. I do not mean to criticise your post in any way, and certainly not YOU!, but please understand that Italian food has its “dignity” and it is very disheartening to see how this dignity is not respected outside of Italy. Italian food is not meant to be eaten all “mxed up” together: (a) there is a first course, which is to be eaten and appreciated first (pasta, or risotto or soup) followed by (b) a second/main course (meat or fish), and the two do not sit on the same plate ever! (c) Pizza is a world of its own. In Italy you eat either pizza or pasta, not both together, it just wouldn’t make sense. In other words, one does not put pasta and the main course on the same plate. To us, it looks “disgusting”, a “mess”. I hope this makes you more curious about Italian food and does not put you off it instead!!! All the very very best for the coming New Year!

    • Thank you so much for you feedback. I wouldn’t have known this knowledge if you hadn’t tell me so. So, if it is so disturbing, do you think it is better for me to pull of the uncomfortable “messy” pasta pizza picture. Just let me know?

  2. Hello Mama Miyuki! I grew up in Osaka and it is a very nostalgic city for me. As you know, food is great in Japan and of course, some restaurants better than others. I could see you had appetite, and when it comes to appetite, I have plenty of it too. 😀 )))

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