Port Dining Teatro – Osaka

Teatro buffet

This winter holiday, we took off to Osaka to enjoy some family entertainment at Universal Studio. We stayed over at their official hotel in order to get other discounts at the amusement park later on. The hotel was located at the port in the area of Sakurajima. It was beautifully decorated with Christmas ornaments in the main level of the hotel.


There is a large aquarium behind the lobby front desk and a beautiful chandelier hanging on the roof. These chandeliers where made of blown glass in pretty colors

Kids will love the hotel as there are a lot of interesting things to find in the hotel. There are jelly fish aquariums in the lift. You can take pictures with figures out of movies from Universal Studios. There is also a childrens’ room for you and your children to enjoy.

For dinner we went to Port Dining Teatro, a buffet restaurant located in the hotel. The restaurant was decorated in a modern cozy ambiance. This is my favorite angle of the restaurant. The pretty print of the candle makes it attractive.


Let’s start with the salad bar, they had a large selection of fresh salad and the salad sauce to go with. Assorted pickles of paprika and capsicum was available on the other side. Cold served roast beef and sea food anti pasti was there on the side.
teatro salad

Then we tasted their cute Christmas inspired chirashi sushi that was decorated with boiled shrimp, broccoli, tamago yaki, salmon roe, an more.
teatro sushi

So, I took some of the food from here and there for my heavy meal. On my plate lays the chirashi sushi, cous cous salad, fresh assorted salads, lotus flower  and paprika pickles. For protein, I took some of the roast beef, the beef steak, smoked salmon and some kanpachi sashimi.
teatro main meal

To snack, there was these cheese pizza and some other selection of bread.
teatro pizza

Something unique was there to find at the dessert bar consist,  big glass with jelly beans and another big glass of smarties chocolate. Not only are there chocolate melted fondue but also the strawberry flavored white chocolate ones. The dipping variations consist of dango, cut bananas, puffs, cake,  marshmallows and pretzels.
teatro chocolate fondue teatro chocolate fondue2










This is what I was really here to enjoy, the cake selections. There was the Christmas stollen,   berries gelatin cake, chocolate roll cake, and canned fruit jelly. The cream profiteroles was pretty set on the table, all looks yummy!

teatro cake selectionteatro profiteroles











Their cake based chocolate lollipop was our closing menu to enjoy with some smarties.
teatro popsiscle


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