Onigiri is a common Japanese food that you can find everywhere. It is Japanese rice molded into a ball or triangle shape then wrapped with nori sheets, plastic wraps, aluminium foil or large shiso leaf. Most of the Japanese people like to make onigiri for their bento. They usually have it plain sprinkled with some table salt with assorted side dish. For the busy people, the side dish becomes included inside, tucked in the middle or above the onigiri. You can add any toppings you want, the most common is umeboshi/pickled plum with table salt. My favorite is onigiri with tamagoyaki and chili tarako. To cut time I have my onigiri molds and plastic wrap available in the morning. The portion is 130 gr of rice per mold. Children can have one and adults up to three of these onigiri.

3 cups Japanese rice
water up to level 3 in rice cooker

How to prepare:
-wash and rinse the rice
-add the water
-turn on the rice cooker
-scoop thoroughly after it is cooked

Assorted toppings:
-nori sheets + table salt
-salmon flakes + table salt
-dried salted anchovies + table salt
-kombu + table salt
-tarako + table salt
-umeboshi + table salt


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