Universal Studio – Osaka

universal studio osaka

At last we got the chance to take our little girls to Universal Studio – Osaka. It was freezing cold due to the strong wind from the bay side, so better make sure to bring a good warm jacket along and keep your tummy full. The first thing I had on my mind is to take the Jet coaster riding exactly above the gate entrance. “Yee haa!” I bet they have a blast!”

It was during Christmas time so they had all these pretty decorations here and there. I spotted some pretty wearth hanging. One in red and one in blue. Which one is your favorite, the red or the blue one? I like the blue one better, because it looks more sophisticated and elegant.universal
Christmas trees was found here and there. I took some picture of a tiny one that I found in the outdoor park of the children cartoon character area. A medium one in front of a store and a really huge one in the middle of the Universal Studio amusement park. I like the one in the middle, The one with the golden ribbon and hanging ornaments with pinkish flowers.


Walking around the amusement park makes you flash back to the movies that you have watch before. Here are some pictures of the buildings I have found. Can you remember from which movies they were? I can only remember the last two on the right side, the clock tower from “Back to the Future” and the neighborhood of “Sesame street”


Horaay, the parade had started, I saw these lovely dancers in green moving their body to the music. I felt like dancing too.


These were the awaited cartoon characters by children. On the left side are characters from “Snoopy” and the right side characters of “Hello Kitty”. During my childhood,  I have never seen Snoopy or Hello Kitty on television. I do read Snoopy in newspapers comic and Hello Kitty is only on my milk candy box.


Ernie, Bert and Cookie monster was there too was there  dancing to the accompanying music. You know I was wondering how much fun it is to have a part time job being one of the characters. Ernie and Bert was my childhood all time favorite. Bert is the one I like the most, I can even imitate the way he talks.


After the parade was over, these cute children in Santa dresses came out to sing Christmas carols. Aren’t they adorable??? I think those children were really frozen with the too cold weather.


Down the road I met with Shrek and Princess Fiona (before she became green :D). Look at how vigorous this baby is telling something to Princess Fiona “Goo..Goo..Ga..Ga..”. I like Shrek 1, Shrek 2 not anymore.


So, you want some action. This boat will make you roar and scream and get you all wet.


If you need a professional to talk to for 5 cent, you might find this service useful. I found it useful..he he he


The park was not so crowded because we came there on week days. We had a blast and was very hungry. We chose to dine at the Dinosaur theme park. The restaurant was called “Discovery”. We discovered a dinosaur in the middle of the restaurant. This reminds me of the dinosaur cafeteria in the Hotel lobby “Rrrroooaaarr!”


I ordered their Thai curry, that was a very light version of massaman curry with brown rice.

But the lunch meal wasn’t enough for me and the turkey feet sold in front of the restaurant was so tempting so got one of these “chomp…chomp..chomp”. I really like this smoked turkey a lot.

Well it is time to go back to the airport before leaving back to Sendai. Till next time…Bye bye Oscar, Bye bye Hans and Gretel, Bye bye Hello Kitty, Elmo and Snoopy



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