“Bacem” is a method of marinating chicken, tofu and tempe with some spices, coconut sugar and sometimes coconut water. Coconut sugar is very expensive so you can substitute with brown sugar/palm sugar and kecap/sweet soy sauce instead. This is a typical cuisine from central Java. Tempe and tahu bacem can be eaten as snacks together with hot sweet tea. If you are busy during the weekdays you can “bacem” the whole stuff and store them in the fridge. When it is time to consume, you can just pull out some the fry it until golden brown. The taste is very sweet so Indonesian like to eat it with sambal and heaps of rice.

1/2 chicken with bone, cut into edible pieces
1 thick tofu (for fried ones)
1 tempe (cut into dices, the make lines with knife)
water enough to cover all the ingredients

1 small onion (thin sliced)
2 tsp garlic paste
1 tbs coriander powder
3-5 tbs brown/palm sugar
2-3 tbs kecap/sweet soy sauce
1/2-1 tsp salt
3 bay leaves
1 lemon grass

How to prepare:

– Add all the ingredients in a pan and cover them with water
-boil them and add all the spices above it, they will dissolve
-change the places ones in a while so all are marinated evenly
-turn off when the water level very low
-deep fry them if they are ready to be consumed


15 thoughts on “Bacem

  1. My kinda grown up snack, lovin the caramelized layer of deep fried tempeh bacem!!!
    this is my must have menu once i had sick, nothing better than bacem since sny other salty dish would had a metal after taste in my tongue…..

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