Hakodate Taro Sushi

Hakodate Taro Sushi/函太郎
conveyor belt sushi

Another sushi on conveyor belt dining experience. The price of each sushi is based on the color of the plate. Compared to the past restaurants that I  have reviewed, this restaurant serves the best fresh and crunchy tasting fish on their sushi good quality is because this restaurant is part of a large mother company having various restaurant that focuses on sushi.  I think the  This branch is located at Lala Garden Nagamachi. On dining times there will be very long queue so please be careful. So here are some of their sushi selection.

Cut Squid Sushi

Sea Snail Sushi
sea snail

Salmon Roe Sushi
salmon roe

Jelly fish Sushi
jelly fish

Nato (Stinky beans) Sushi

Fresh Mini Anchovies Sushi
fresh anchovies

Maguro Tataki Sushi
Maguro Tataki

Mini Transparent Eel Sushi
mini eel

Flounder sushi

White Fish Selection Sushi
white fish selection

Roe Sushi

Unagi Sushi

Steamed Crab Sushi
Steamed Crab


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