Gummy Candy

gummy candy

Makes a portion for 1 child

My daughter loves gummy candy. We have tried almost all the brands. I observed that more and more home made with 100% juice products are imported to Japan. So, I was curios and look for the recipe to make gummy candy. It turned out that making it is so easy and all you need is just 5 minutes cooking. However, the gelatin in Japan are always made out of port so I asked my mom to send it from Indonesia. The gelatin from Indonesia is not powder but stripes equivalent to one sachet. I let my daughter do all the cooking and she was proud of it. Another thing is that you can’t substitute the non sticky spray. I tried with starch thinking that it will work like mochi but the gelatin pulls the starch inwards which is not good.

1 pack Jell-O
3-6 stripes gelatin
1/2 cup water

How to prepare:
-boil all the ingredients until the mixture dissolve
-add into the mold
-let it cool off


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