Kirin Beer Festa – Sendai

Kirin Beer Festa

My husband is frustrated, his favorite steak restaurant close down and so our quest began to find another great steak restaurant. You have two choices, either you eat the common sirloin steak or the high end Sendai beef steak. This was the power of the mind. We actually wanted to eat in a restaurant recommended by his professor. On the way we saw a display of steak on hot plate, it was the Kirin Beer Festa restaurant. I was unsure and asked my husband to go down the stair to check whether it is a pub or a family restaurant because of the “name” of the restaurant. It turned out to be a large cozy family restaurant with many children. We started of by ordering their sashimi salad. The taste was

sendai kirin beer festa steak kirin beer festa This was one of their signature menu, their beef hot plate steak. The steak comes in medium or large size. We both ordered the large one, it comes with a very taste onion garlic sauce that we loves so much. This was more like a giant roast beef on hot plate, what an innovation. The steak comes with some potato wedges and some boiled vegetables. We were both very happy with the taste and the contour of the meat. We were really stuffed, next time we will order their medium steak. 

Kirin Beer Festa


The kids loved pasta so we ordered their creamy fungus pasta. This portion was enough for both. We were very shocked by their huge portions. Even this pasta was to much for both leaving the rest for us. The restaurant usually make tents and take part in big festive events serving small portions from their menu and varieties of beer.

I love the design of the restaurant, it was cozy and bright. Oh, and their toilet is very cute, clean and smells fresh too. They have the toilet and a small powder room. Awesome!


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