Serves 4

Anmitsu is a very popular dessert here in Japan. The basic content of anmitsu consist of angko (red bean paste), plain agar jelly, can fruit and brown sugar syrup. Nowadays, the favorite variation especially in the summer day includes matcha ice cream and shiratama dango. Today, we will just assemble the anmitsu. Only the agar has a cooking process but very simple. Impress your guest with this simple but sassy Japanese sweet.

1 can ready made angko
1 can fruit (mandarin orange, peach, pineapple)
1 sachet agar or kanten
ready made cream
1 tbs sugar
400 ml water

How to prepare:
-add one sachet agar, sugar and water in a pan
-turn on gas and stir until boiling
-turn off and place in a pan
-cool off and place it in the refrigerator
-cut into cubes

How to assemble:

-place the agar cubes in a bowl
-add angko paste on top
-add cream
-add to piece of fruit next to the cream


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