Yu yu Ooedo Onsen Korona – Sendai


The weather is chilly so it is a good time to go to a spa facility and relax. Spa in Sendai is called “onsen”, these hot spring facilities runs natural hot springs to a pool indoor and out door. In Sendai there are two famous onsen location to go to. The first is Akiu onsen and the second is Sakunami onsen. These traditional onsen are accessible from Sendai station. They are located in ryokan, a Japanese inn. You can enjoy the onsen for a day or stay in for one or two night that come with their traditional set of food. My favorite onsen is the modern Oedo onsen located inside the Korona facilities. I knew this facilities as one day my friend gave me free tickets to this onsen place. It has eight variation of onsen pools to enjoy and indoor sauna. After the spa, we were all hungry and went to eat at their restaurant called Yu Yu Oedo. First we ordered their fried shrimps, whooa this fried shrimps where so taste that we could have enough.
Yu yu oedo korona

I order their seafood curry with Camembert cheese bits.This ready made curry comes with frozen seafood packs and cut salmon. The vegetables are carrot and broccoli. They poured it on rice. The cheese made it creamier.

Yu yu Oedo Onsen


We ordered their soba kaisen and maguro sashimi set that was so delicious. The quality was fresh and good, they must have it stocked from Shiogama port which is not far from there. Both of the consist of buck wheat noodle and a bowl of rice with sashimi maguro, maguro tataki, dashi tamago yaki and the other bowl consist of boiled hotate pieces, sashimi shrips, maguro tataki and dashi tamago yaki.

Yu yu oedo korona maguro sashimi  Yu yu Oedo Korona Kaisen


9 thoughts on “Yu yu Ooedo Onsen Korona – Sendai

  1. Mau nyoba juga ntar ke Onsen dan makanannya. Oh ya mba, aku Akhir tahun (masih lama yaksss, sekitar Awal 2014) kalo gak ada halangan Ke Tokyo lagi, ntar kalo temen jalan aku gak keberatan, pengen nyamper ke Sendai, ketemuan yuks, penasaran dengan Sendai 🙂 ;). In case it happens 🙂

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