Cinnamon and Honey Lose Weight Tonic

Loose weight tonic

Serve 1

I had abundance of cinnamon powder at home and was browsing for recipes related to it. To my surprise I found articles claiming that cinnamon and honey can help to keep you full and help you loose weight. A lady who underwent a diet and exercise with cinnamon powder says that her waist line reduced faster that before she applied it in her weight. This is interesting, all of the ingredient are in my cupboard so I went for the quest to have a trial. So, there you go, a cup of cinnamon and honey tea for breakfast. The result was that I really stopped craving a lot. You see every morning I bring my daughter and jog for one hour. Usually, half way I will be hungry craving for something sweet. Thus I will stop at the convenient store or the vending machine to get something to nibble. So, two times but since I tried the cinnamon and honey tonic, I was really full for more that the whole hour, wow. No need to buy any small things. I thought of sharing this experience with you as many of you, especially those trying to shed some pounds after birth, no expensive diet pill, all are in your kitchen cupboard. Advice your doctor first of course.

1 tsp cinnamon powder
2 tsp honey
1 cup hot boiling water

How to prepare:
-add the cinnamon powder and honey in a cup
-pour very hot water and stir well
-let it simmer and pour the tea to another cup leaving the powder
-enjoy the tea


5 thoughts on “Cinnamon and Honey Lose Weight Tonic

  1. Yeah, baru liat post ini, nampak harus di coba! Pencinta teh tawar, punya madu, tapi sepertinya salah cara gunainnya, terbalik dari yang disini, pantes kaya gak berasa madunya 🙂

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