Stone Berg – The Mall Sendai

Another dinner option at the Mall – Sendai, this time we were looking for some hot plate steak. After tired walking around in this mall, we went to try “Stone Berg“. Actually, this restaurant specialize in Japanese favorite hamburg steak but usually this steak contains pork so we took the lean beef ones. The restaurant have a small buffet with option of rice, Japanese curry, tea, coffee, soft drink and soft ice. We first ordered their appetizer of fried onion rings. These awesome looking big ring coated with flour batter was crisp and sweet. and goes with tomato ketchup.
Onion rings

Here comes main menu, the steak. First of all it comes with a covered paper all around to prevent the sizzling sauce going all over. The idea is great but sometimes the paper folds by it self. You are suppose to order a separate dish for the salad. The one that comes with the steak is corn kernels and a leaf which becomes black and inedible because over cooked. This sirloin steak was dry in contour and the sauce too salty. I choose the garlic sauce.
stone berg sendai


The other steak that we ordered was a better quality, more juicy and lean. The sauce was so salty that I had to make coffee milk float topped with ice cream to reduce the saltiness of the taste. In Japan it is uncommon to ask for ketchup thus I had to dip it in the ketchup from the onion ring for taste enhancement.
stone berg


Their kids meal was likable. The meal consist of rice, fries, corn kernels, salad leaves, plain spaghetti and chicken karage. We all loved their onion soup, it was light and tangy.
stone berg


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