Soba block party

Soba block party

There was an open invitation down the block in my neighborhood. It was a Soba party, you can eat soba as much as you want, isn’t it fun? My neighbor told me that the soba were made by monks from a big temple in Nagano City. Soba is traditional Japanese noodles made out of buck wheat. In Miyagi, a famous place for these are in Yamagata, because the soba is elastic instead of crunchy. This was my first time seeking soba cook massively. Wow, look at the committee cooking the soba.

Soba block party

This is how they served the soba, with soyu and dashi stock. Topped with tempura crunchies, shredded green onion and grated daikon. They were delicious and you can eat as much as you can. This must be one of those shiny and lucky days of mine.

Soba block party

They also provide some toys as present for children and hand made bags with the temple signature from the parents. This was the cotton candy stall. I took some for my daughter as a gift.

Soba block party

Other food they provide were pop corn. I took some bags and gave it to my neighbor’s children that couldn’t make it today.

Fuji apple

The best part is that after the party, each of us were given this beautiful Fuji apple to bring home. Hhhmmm yummy, they were crunchy, sweet and tasty.


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