Shiratama Zensai (Japanese Sweet Red Bean Soup)

Azuki Shiratama Dango
Serves 2

It is still a little bit cold lately so warm desserts are nice to make. Let us make Japanese sweet red bean soup today which is so efficient and easy to make. This dessert consist of the shiratama mochi and red bean paste/angko. To cut the process, just buy premade angko in plastic covers or canned. I found an easy recipe on that you can easily understand the process.

Shiratama Mochi:

50g shiratama mochi flour
50ml Water

Sweet Red Bean Soup:
• 200g already cooked angko
• Water to taste
• A pinch of Salt

How to prepare:
-in a bowl, add the shiratama mochi flour
-add the water little by little while kneding the dough
-stop adding water if the dough does not stick on your fingers
-boil water in a pan
-make little balls and drop in the boiling water
-take out the shiratama balls and drop in cold water
-take out and drain, set aside

-add all the angko in a big bowl
-dilute with some hot water until the water resembles a thick soup
-add salt to taste

How to serve:
-add 3-4 shiratama balls in a cup
-pour angko soup on top

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