Miyagi Oyster Festival

Annually, there will be an Oyster Festival down at Matsushima Bay. The location is just in front of the train station. To keep update about the schedule, you can ask the information center down at Sendai Eki. To get to Matsushima Bay, take the Senseki line from Sendai central station. This is really fun because you can taste local oyster for free and enjoy other stalls for food.

Miyagi Oyster Festival

Free sake sampling for the passer by local produce. If you like the taste, you can buy a bottle and bring home to enjoy your self or give as a gift for you friends and colleagues. Sake is made by fermenting 100% rice grains with yeast and mold. In Indonesia we have a similar method called tape, both are sweet in taste.

Miyagi Oyster Festival

Our first destination is the Oyster Nabe Stall, we had to queue in line but to our surprise it only took 15 minutes.

Miyagi Oyster Festival

It is so much fun to see the committee preparing oyster nabe in large pans. They prepared the miso soup with Chinese cabbage separated from the boiled oysters.

Miyagi Oyster Festival

At last we got our portion of the oyster nabe. To our surprise, each of us were given 4-5 pieces of these oysters. I brought some onigiri and tamago yaki from home to eat with. This was really great!

Miyagi Oyster Festival

The next line up was the grilled oyster. Not many people queued here because they all preferred the 1000 Yen all you can eat oysters. Here is the committee opening the grilled oysters for the visitors.

Miyagi Oyster Festival

Hooray! At last I got my share of this grilled oyster. Each of us got one and they were absolutely delicious. Yum yum! The good part is that you can queue again for the free oyster nabe and free grilled oyster if you want.

Miyagi Oyster Festival

This is a stall that sells grilled shell fish for 350 Yen each, eat them while its hot!

Miyagi Oyster Festival

This is what all the visitors came here for, the all you can eat grill it yourself oyster. You pay for 1000-3000 and get a bucket of fresh oysters to eat all.

Miyagi Oyster Festival

I got some of these grilled squid with kabayaki sauce. Unfortunately they turned cold quickly.

Miyagi Oyster Festival

These grilled fake crab looked good but tasted not so good.


3 thoughts on “Miyagi Oyster Festival

  1. First, soba party, then oyster festival. Is that all you do over there? Party all the time? 🙂 Sounds like my kind of place! How did I not know this before? Should have gotten a job in Japan! Life’s good, yeah?

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