Milk agar and Angko

Milk agar and anko

Serves 3

As a mom, I usually prepare some sweet or snack for the children to nibble around 3 pm as my eldest daughter just arrived from school and everybody is a little bit hungry. Both of my kids love pudding so this time I made something very easy. It is milk pudding with canned angko beans, my all time favorite since childhood. My neighbor was Japanese, every week she will call the small Japan van shop to come to her house. She will tell us and my mom would buy these delicious canned angko.

1 sachet agar/kanten
200 ml water
200 ml fresh milk
2 tbs sugar
1 canned angko

How to prepare:
-in a pan, add the agar/kanten, water, milk and sugar
-mix well and start to heat the pan
-turn out went cooked
-place in a square pan
-cool of and freeze
-diced into small squares

How to serve:
-take some of the diced pudding and place in a plate
-add a table spoon of angko paste


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