Jou Jou – Sendai

Jou Jou

To say goodbye is never an easy thing to do. Especially if you are with supportive crew, very dynamic and enthusiastic. The kindergarten school term has come to an end soon. The kids and parents had a blast during the whole year. We have achieved a lot together and enjoyed the time together in all other events. So, the moms and room teacher decided to have a farewell dinner with the dress code of your favorite animal. It was a cozy at ichibanchoo. This is the type of bars that I hang out until late at night with my friends when I was still single, the one thing missing was live music. The opening appetizer was fried chicken with with lemon wedge.

Jou Jou

Except for me and some other working mothers, everybody are very close with each other and hang out a lot after kindergarten hours so they are very close. We have very creative moms in the team that taught us all how to sew and make all cute handicrafts awing other moms for other classes. The second menu was sashimi platter.

Having an enthousiastic group with warm and close relationship with the classroom teacher had really a good impact to the achievement of the children. As a class we always won sports competitions. We had the best performing show. Everybody was supportive and happy. The nabe tonight consist of white fish, tofu and some greens.

Jou jou

As closing, we will have a half day game to play next week and lunch together. I will miss this group. Usually the class next year becomes smaller as moms starts to work again and they prefer to put their children in the nursery rather than kindergarten. The closing dessert was this wonderful ginger cookies and vanilla ice cream.

Jou Jou


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