Hana – Spal Sendai


We have found a nice Japanese restaurant specializing in our favorite food “Sashimi”. This will be a great review for the Novice Garderener Friday Fiesta. The place is called “Hana” and is located at B1 Spal Building in Sendai central station. They have nice varieties of lunch menus to order. On this occasion, we ordered their Kaisen dori/seafood bowl for our eldest daughter who happens to love sashimi alot. The seafood bowl comes with pickles and miso shiro soup.


For her younger sister, we ordered the oyster soup. She loved it very much and could eat all of it. The soup also have some shimeji mushroom inside.


We wanted something different, so this time we ordered the tomato salad with cream cheese topping. This is something that you can prepare at home. We loved, the fresh and crunchy texture of the tomato. My youngest daughter could eat 4 pieces of them.


For appetizer, we ordered their fried tofu with miso sauce. This was really tasty and crunchy. It blended well with the sweet miso sauce.


Then the server recommend us to try their seasonal menu of fried oyster. Wow, these were really delicious. Crunchy at the outside and juicy inside. Sprinkle them with some lemon juice and their creamy tartar sauce.


Their fried tuna in sweet soyu sauce topped with grated daikon was really delicious. My husband went mad about it. The meat was fresh, tender and juicy.


This was the all awaited menu, their seasonal five fish sashimi set. Oh yum all was so sweet and delicious. They served one of the finest uni that I have ever tasted. I still can taste them now.



12 thoughts on “Hana – Spal Sendai

  1. Miyuki, I am a big fan of sashimi and Japanese food in general, and I am quite jealous right now looking at all these beautiful plates of food. The five fish sashimi set looks so good! Thank you for sharing your review with us!

  2. This is a great review. I am very intrigued by the fried tofu with miso sauce, that sounds so delicious. Do you think you can recreate that in your kitchen? How are you doing after the 3 year anniversary of the disaster? Thinking of the people living in the Sendai area often and hoping you are doing okay. Take Care, BAM

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