Matcha Kakigori

Matcha kakigori

Serves 2

Japanese loves, shaved ice. In summer time, they will buy the ice shredder and heaps of syrup to make at home. Other open small stall in front of their store to sell these Kakigori. The more ala Japanese kakigori is their “Matcha Kakigori” which each portion can be expensive. This kind of shaved ice comes with matcha syrup topped with angko, shiratama dango and sometimes canned fruit. It is so easy to make at home and the best dessert for the Novice Gardener Friday Fiesta.

Shaves ice enough for 2 portions
1 canned angko

Shiratama dango:
1 cup shiratama dango flour
1 tbs caster sugar
1/2 cup water/orang juice/water and matcha

Matcha syrup:
3/4 cup water
1/2 caster sugar
1 tbs matcha for cooking

How to prepare:
-in a bowl add the shiratama dango flour and caster sugar
-add water water/orang juice/water and matcha little by little until it becomes a non sticky dough
-boil water
-make small dango ball and drop them into the boiling water
-take out when the balls are floating
-rinse in cold water, set aside

-in a pan, add the water, sugar and matcha
-bring it to a boil and stir well
-turn off heat

How to serve:
-add shaved ice in a bowl
-add the shiratama dango on the side
-add the syrup on top
-add the canned angko on top

19 thoughts on “Matcha Kakigori

  1. Is this similar to ice kechang in Singapore? I have thought of trying to recreate it here, but not got around to it yet. Your recipe looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yum, these Dango balls sound so delicious!! I must try to find this dingo flour, not sure if they will have it here in Miami, Asian ingredients are unfortunately very limited here! 😦
    Wow, I love your blog by the way, so many recipes that I love!! I am half Thai and therefore, I love all kind of Asian foods, I also love many of the Indonesian dishes – rojak and gado gado – so good! I used to work in Asia and would travel to Indonesia sometimes, once I was there during Ramadan and was went to a dinner to break the fast – it was soooo good! 😉

  3. Hi Miyuki! Your dish looks so refreshing and lovely. The Fiesta Friday gang has been eating and drinking all night long, so we need something refreshing like your dish! Thanks so much for bringing this to FF! I hope to see you again next week!

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