The Second Soba Party

2nd soba block party

This is the second soba block party. This time the soba looked like thin udon noodles but the texture remained the same. The weather was so cold that we ate inside the dining room. I loved it so much, as they add with some chili powder. As usual we also receive fuji apples, pop corn and some sweets. This time we also received post card with the picture of the temple in Nagano. Wow, it turned out to be a large beautiful temple. Today was special, they made fresh miso with chili powder and scallion. The scent was tempting and we were all given some to bring home.

2nd soba party

The interesting part is that we used the multi purpose room at the back of the post office. I have lived in this neighborhood for 4 years so far. My family blended together with the society here and we enjoy many party events together. Even as displaced after the big Tohoku earthquake was a pleasant experience thanks to the strong bond between us and the collaboration. In Indonesia we call this “gotong royong”, literally means help each other hand in hand.


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