Potato Gratin

potato gratin
Serves 3

My husband just returned from Greece and got me heaps of stuff that is olive based. The green olive, the black one, the pickled, the pate and more until I ran out of ideas of how to get rid of them soon. Today I did not feel like eating rice, I wanted to eat potato gratin and salad. So, I made potato gratin and add broccoli, frozen seafood and some left over black olive pate to bake. I had it for lunch with heaps of salad. This was great, I felt like dining at the canteen of Alliance Francais, they have a similar menu and I order it often.

2 tbs butter
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tbs flour, sieved
2 cups milk
a dash of salt
a dash of white pepper
4 large potatoes, sliced thinly
1 cup melt cheese
1 cup frozen seafood
1 cup broccoli
2 tbs olive pate
a dash of Parmesan cheese

How to prepare:
-heat pan in low flame, add the butter
-add the minced garlic, sautee until fragrant
-add the flour
-add the milk
-add the salt and pepper
-stir for two minutes then turn off
-heat oven for 7 minutes
-grease pan and add the sliced potatoes
-add a layer of the milk sauce
-add some frozen seafood and broccoli
-repeat the process until all reach the top of the pan
-spread some melt cheese evenly
-spread parmesan cheese evenly
-bake in low and medium for 30 minutes
-serve it with heaps of salad


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