Spring is here, the weather is warmer and Sakura flowers are visible here and there. Rather than the usual restaurant review, I wanted to share some of my attempt for food photography starting today and the following weeks to come. My debut model are these pretty tomatoes. These are categorized as “globe tomatoes”, the usual breeding.

The plant is natuve to South and Central America in the Andes region. Tomatoes consumed as food originated from Mexico. The Spanish colonials were the one who spread it throughout the world, thus the word Tomato derives from the Spanish word Tomate. After the colonial brought it to the Philippines, tomatoes spread to southeast Asia and then the entire Asian continent.For gardening, Tomatoes best companion are carrots. But in America people like to plant them in their garden along with zucchini.So, which country is the largest producers of tomatoes? It turns out to be China, followed by United States then India.

In Indonesian dishes, the use of tomatoes are mainly for making relish by soothing its level of spiciness and making it more sweeter. Other then that people use them for garnishing and salad.

Recipes on tomatoes as relish: Sambal Tomat, Sambal Gami and recipes tomatoes as garnish Selat Solo Dinner Set and Blenger Burger.


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