Sauteed Oyster and Pokcoy in Oyster Sauce

Oyster & Pokcoy in Oyster Sauce

When my family partied at the oyster festival in Matsushima. I observed that one of the most favorite stall was sauteed oyster and pokcoy in oyster sauce. I craved to make them at home and the great part is that oysters are in season. This dish is easy to make and tasted so good that it was out from the plate in seconds. This was one of my favorite dish to order in Chinese restaurants.

a bag of pok coy, cut into half, clean and wash
10 big oysters
3 cloves garlic, crush and chopped
3-4 tbs light oyster sauce
a dash of salt
a dash of black pepper

How to prepare:
-boil water, dip the pokcoy until cooked but still light green
-take out and replace in cold water and drain
-take one at a time and place it round on a plate

-heat pan with a little oil
-saute the garlic until fragrant
-add the ouster and gently fry until cooked
-add the light oyster sauce, mix gently
-add the salt and black pepper, mix gently
-toss the oyster gently in the middle between the pok coy


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