Suriname Coconut Milk Shaved Ice

Suriname coconut milk shaved ice
Makes one portion

One of my favorite style of shaved ice is the Suriname one. It is shaved ice, covered with syrup then added with coconut milk. I always let the ice melt a bit so that the syrup can blend with the coconut milk. Usually they sell this on stick in the form of a pyramid, then pored with coconut milk on top. The first time I ate this was at a big international market held annually where products from all third world countries were exhibit. They also display street food which was more interesting for me to explore rather than the stalls.

-shaved ice enough for one portion
-canned/box ready cooked light coconut milk

-3/4 cup water
-1/2 cup caster sugar
-1/2 tsp any coloring you like

How to serve:
-add shaved ice in a bowl
-add syrup
-add coconut milk


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