Pacar Cina

Pacar Cina

Serves 4

This is a dessert that most of Indonesian children loves, Pacar Cina sweet porridge. These are colored tapioca pearls with coconut milk. In Javanese traditional market they combine this with biji salak and sweet rice flour porridge called bubur sum sum. I got some sent from my mother and my daughters always asked me to make them. I always make many then store them in the fridge. They are really tasted in hot summer conditions. I have aimed to post this easy recipe since 3 years ago, but photographing pacar Cina was really difficult. The result never impressed me. This one turns out good.

Pacar Cina

1 cup colored tapioca pearls
1 lt water
3/4 cup sugar
1 pandan leaf

Coconut Sauce
200 ml coconut milk
1 tbs sugar
a dash of vanilla

How to prepare:
-in a pan add the tapioca pearls, water, sugar and pandan leaf
-turn on heat, stir evenly, cook until it becomes porridge

-in another pan, add coconut milk, sugar and vanilla
-turn on heat, stir well
-when it comes to bowl, have the last stir and turn of heat

How to serve:
-add some of the pacar cina in a bowl
-pour a little coconut milk sauce on top

5 thoughts on “Pacar Cina

  1. I am familiar with this dessert, but didn’t know its name or how to make it. I might have to omit the pandan leaf as I still haven’t found a source for it (a pity), but the rest should be easy. Thanks.

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