Hong Kong Egg Tarts

Hong Kong Egg Tart

Makes 12 tarts

My all time favorite sweet dim sum is Hong Kong egg tarts. I could eat as much as my tummy can hold. They are pretty, sweet and the texture is soft. My mom likes to make it as present for her friends. She says that it is easy to make but all this time I was so lazy even to think of making it my self. The last time I had this was at KFC down town. The taste was not so sweet and a little sour. I google a recipe from the internet and found that this can be made together with my daughter. She can help me pound the dough and mold them. Then help me batter the egg and the milk which she enjoyed a lot. It was holidays so I had to think of activities to keep her busy. She had a lot of fun and ate much after being baked.

The pie
3/4 cup castor sugar
2 cups flour
3-4 tbs butter
1 egg, beaten

The custard
2/3 cup white sugar
3 tbs water
5 eggs, beaten
1 dash vanilla extract
1 cup evaporated milk/fresh milk
How to prepare:
-add the castor sugar and flour in a bowl and blend together
-add the butter and with a fork blend it together with the flour
-add the battered egg little by little and blend well
-mold and knead until it becomes a non sticky dough
-heat oven at high for 5-7 min
-take some small dough and knead flat with a wooden roller
-fold into a pie mold
-bake half done in low flame, about ten min, take out, set aside
-in a bowl add the sugar and egg, batter until the sugar dissolves
-add the milk, mix well

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