Spaghetti and Mussels

Spaghetti and Mussels

Serves 2

The weather is getting hotter and I bet you feeling like eating food that can have a cool and soothing effect with your taste buds. One of Japan’s favorite summer menus is Spaghetti with mussels and fresh tomatoes with parsley. If you have those plants in the garden you can make it fresh by picking it just before cooking. The taste is light and fresh with a little sling of the sea. For me personally it is too sappari but it turned out that my husband and two daughters couldn’t have enough of it. It is very easy to make, perfect for a weekend lunch.


Spaghetti enough for 3 persons
1 tsp salt
3 tbs vegetable oil
4 tbs olive oil

300 gr mussel
1 tsp salt

3 cloves garlic (crushed and chopped)
1 large tomatoes (still crunchy, diced)
1/2 cup parsley (chopped
a dash of salt
a dash of black pepper

How to prepare:
-boil hot water, add salt and vegetable oil
-add spaghetti and cook al dente
-when cooked, take out and rinse with cold water
-drizzle with olive oil, mix well

-boil hot water and add salt
-add the mussel and cook
-take out when all mussel has opened

-heat pan, add olive oil
-add the garlic, saute until fragrant
-add the spaghetti then the mussels
-sprinkle with salt and black pepper
-add the diced tomatoes and the chopped parsley
-turn off and serve

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