Kenji World: All you can Eat, Swim and Spa

After three year of hard work, my husband actually because I am just enjoying life, he finished his Doctorate degree, hooray..To get  the steam out of all the stress we decide that we needed to go on a holiday. The target was resort with a beach, fake or real, that’s the deal. We looked at Okinawa but it was to much interconnected travel. We were astonished by ‘Ocean Dome’, the largest man made beach -located near the beach- but it ran out of business. Then we look for places in Niigata, mostly were golf resort but we were skeptical that there will be a lot of people there, the more the merrier, right. Then we looked at the very beautiful Star chain hotels, one in Kyoto and the other in Nagano, it was perfect but better to go there in autumn or spring because their strong point is the spa and outdoor trekking. We did get a little frustrated because non was right enough. So, my husband friend suggested that we go get the Great China Wall or go to Guam or maybe Saipan tour package but we didn’t feel like going all the fuss to take care of visa etc. So, my husband and his fried went to the JR tour and travel and got some brochure. Kenji World was the deal that we were looking for budget wise and travel wise because the other was still a surprise. The package included travel with Shinkansen (only 45 minutes from Sendai), hotel stay for 2 nights, all you can eat breakfast and dinner, free spa any time you want to go, and 2 days pass to the indoor wave pool. Kenji World, here we come…

Mori no Kaze Hotel

After 45 minutes of travel with the Shinkansen we arrived at Morioka Station in Iwate. Then we waited 20 minutes for the shuttle bus to come. Arriving at the hotel, my husband took care of the registration while my daughter and I look around the lobby. The interior was something that you will see in traditional English hotels. They had an indoor small water fall and river with big Koi fishes roaming around. This hotel also offers wedding packages. The Nuance of the hotel reminds me of Genting Highlands in Malaysia, also a nice place to have a holiday.






We took the Japanese room, the main reason is safety for my daughter. We didn’t want her to fall off from a high bed. Actually, the western style room is 5000 Yen less, but still. Each day, we were given a set of local products like mochi, sweetened beans, senbe crackers or flavor salts that you can add to your onigiri or bento.

Wow, we were delighted to see our room. All the Japanese style room was located at the top floor penthouse so we could see the beautiful scenery nearby. There were mountains and agriculture lands surrounding us.This is the view from the penthouse floor and that’s the Kenji World Dome on the left. Mountains and valleys, beautiful. If you have a car or feel like walking around. There are a lot of other facilities that you can join like canoeing, enjoying dairy products in the cow farm, horseback riding, parks and more.

The room had a tea set ready with beautiful wooden saucers, ceramic cups, steal tea pots and a pot of tea leafs. In the day time we go swim until we drop, then after dinner we go for a spa. Sipping the tea before going to bed was a soothing and warms your body too.

Around 7pm, the hotel staff will switch the room into bedroom mode. With two futons ready. They will fold and switch the room to living room again around 10-11 a.m.

This is the hall for all you can eat breakfast and dinner..The main course buffet…The Dessert buffet was stock with various ice creams, chocolate fountain, assorted pudding and fruits. Wow, feasting on Crab legs, all you can eat, ya’ll, nothing can get better than this. They also served it with miso soup, something traditional.

After dinner or spa you can join local cultural presentation. The Japanese drums, classical songs and comedy, and making of mochi.

Overall, we loved the hotel. The hospitality was wonderful both in the hotel and the swimming, spa facilities. There is a shop available in front of the receptionist were you can buy assorted local delights, handicrafts and even jewelry. Family pics before returning, Cheezzzuuuu..
Kenji World Indoor Pool

The gate to Kenji World and Mori no Kaze Hotel. Above is Kenji World Dome, there is a connecting passage from the hotel to Kenjis’ facilities.

This is the main wave pool, the water is warm, probably some spa water is mixed into it. I noticed that although we swim from 10 a.m to 5 p.m non of us got sick. Other facilities include a rental shop, a canteen, a shallow pool for children with slides, a fun slider for adults, and a river pool surrounding the dome. My daughter loves the river pool so much.

My daughter before and after enjoying swimming.

Before taking the Shinkasen back to Sendai. We decide to have some lunch at a local parlor. We had cold seafood ramen and sashimi don with cawan mushi and miso soup. Wow, nothing beats Iwate see food, it is soo fresh and soo sweet.


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