Es Teh Manis

Serves 1

The drink Indonesians’ can’t live without, ‘Es Teh Manis”, very sweet black jasmine tea on the rock. It goes well with all the food you eat. If you intend to open and Indonesian outlet or restaurant, I suggest that you don’t leave out ‘es teh manis’, because it is so imbedded in life of Indonesian. Taste and brands are so related that you have to stick with the brand to get the taste right. Only Sari Wangi, Sosro or Cap Botol tea. Well, if it is too expensive to get, then Darjeeling comes close to the taste.  The portion is bier glass, totally awesome in hot days.

3 tbs white sugar
2 tea bags
1 cup hot water
1 cup ice cubes

How to prepare:
-add the sugar in the glass
-arrange 2 tea bags in the glass
-you can also dilute the tea in a tea pot then pour it in the glass
-add the ice cubes


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