Shrimp in Sweet Mayonnaise sauce

Serves 2

A Chinese restaurant favorite, shrimp in sweet mayonnaise sauce. A dish that will always be ordered when I go to Chinese restaurant if it is available in their menu. The sweet shrimp taste combined with the sweet mayonnaise is just a superb combination with rice.

Making it takes a little bit of effort but it is not that difficult to make. I didn’t get it right directly after my first recipe trial. You know,some Chinese restaurant can keep the puffiness of the outer coat of the shrimp until it reach to the table. Still, I can’t nail this down. However, after trying to pat it with tapioca flour, corn starch and starch, I can conclude that starch works out best. Then I tried double patting, starch –> egg white –> starch, versus single patting, egg white –> starch, the single patting work enough. Not too oily mayonnaise taste better for this dish, I think.

500 gr medium size shrimps
1 1/2 cup starch
2 eggs, take the egg white only
1/2 tsp salt

3/4 cup mayonnaise
2 tsp sugar
a dash of salt
3 tsp lime juice

How to prepare:
-wash and pat dry the shrimps
-in a bowl add the egg white and batter until foamy
-in another bowl add the starch
-heat deep fry oil
-take one shrimp, dip into the egg white, then the starch and deep fry
-take out and drain

-in bowl combine the mayonnaise, sugar, salt and lime juice, stir well
-add in the fried shrimps

6 thoughts on “Shrimp in Sweet Mayonnaise sauce

  1. Perfect recipe! totally hit the spot. If you are still wondering how to keep the shrimp crispier you can double fry, it does take a bit more time but really nice.Take them out of the frying pan after 3 min or when the shrimp are starting to turn pink. Let them cool for 5 and then put them back in the oil.

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