Chili Caramelized Tempeh and Peanuts

Makes one big jar

When you plan not to cook much for the following days or you are traveling far away and need standby snack or you feel like beeing a couch potato and want to snack other than pop corn or chips, Indonesians offer you this magnificent tempeh and peanuts snacks, it goes well also with rice.

The trick is to cut the tempe thin and fry it dry. Don’t blend the fried tempeh and peanuts until the chili caramel looses its watery texture. Save it in a dry air locked jar. When it has moist, place it in the oven for a while until the crisp is back.

1 tempeh
100 gr fried peanuts
3 kefir lime leaves
2-3 tsp chili paste
2 big garlic clove
2 cm galangal
½ tsp tamarind paste
5 tbs sugar
¼ cup water

How to prepare:

-cut the tempeh into thin 2 cm pieces, fry until crispy, set aside
-fry the peanut a bit just to get the crisp back, set aside
-cut the kefir lime leaves into thin long pieces, set aside
-make the garlic into a paste,set aside
-cut the galangal into thin slices, set aside
-add a little oil in a pan
-fry the garlic until fragant
-add the chili paste, tamaring paste, galangal, kefir lime leaves
-add the sugar and water
-stir gently with a wooden spoon until it turns into caramel
-add the tempeh and peanuts, stir well until all is covered by the chili caramel
-take out until the heat is gone
-put it into an air closed can


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