Kiechan’s Cafe and Bar

Kiechan’s Cafe and Bar

One of my fellow blogger asked me to post a recipe about Japanese curry. Well, I can’t just refer her to buy some supermarket block curry which comes in so many variations. Instead, I will introduce three major variation of curry that I observed is enjoyed by families here. I think it will be interesting to show how the restaurant serves it then I will break down the recipe.

So, first comes Kiechan’s Cafe and Bar, one of my favorite food stall at Izumi Park Town Tapio. Basically, they serve menu based on beef tongue. My family like their black gravy curry base that they use for their dishes. I wrote a clone version of the curry on my last post about Japanese Roux curry.
The Gyutan curry rice is accompanied with black gravy based curry with a piece of gyu tan some pickled garlic and ginger.
curry rice

With the curry rice, I like to order some extra gyu-tan which I see all the people on the other table order. I wish they would  grill the tongue to have the burning taste attached to it.

They also have a curry hot pot available on their menu but watch out because it is very hot and spicy too. A portion can be eaten for two if you  don’t eat much.
curry hot pot

Here I also like to order their Authentic Morioka Cold Noodles. In Indonesia the taste resembles the famous “Asinan Bogor” but in the asinan, the contents are all vegetables with rice crackers on top of it.
morioka cold noodles

So the first type of Japanase curry is like beef demi glace without the brown sugar with garam masala and some other spice to go with.


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