Hokkaido Milk Pudding

Hokkaido Milk Pudding
Makes 4 small glass cups

I had these beef gelatin sheet left overs for practice so this time I want to make one of Japan favorite dessert which is milk pudding. I see them sold in these very cute small glass container that resemble the container to carry the milk after being taken from the cow. Bakeries always have some selection of these and each has their own specialties. In this recipe I will make the Hokkaido version which is so simple and you children will enjoy them.

200 ml milk
50 ml heavy cream
1 gelatin sheet, soaked in cold water
2 tsp custard powder (optional)
3 tbs sugar

How to prepare:
-in a pan add the milk, custard powder and sugar
-stir well until dissolved and turn of heat in low
-cook while stirring but do not boil
-turn of heat and add the heavy cream
-add the gelatin and stir well
-add the mixture into small glass containers
-cool of and add into the refrigerator

I add some fruit sauce on top of it and some berries to go along

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