Calamansi Coconut Drink

Makes 2 glasses

After a hard day of practice in extra curricular activities, my friends and I like to hang out in the street 2 blocks from the campus. There are 4 main stalls, One selling only noodles; another,selling ice cream; the other sells only calamansi juice, coconut juice or combined and the biggest of them all sold popular chinese food. It’s great to be in a country with abundance of coconut trees surrounding you. They are a real thirst quencher, a natural Gatorade for the thirsty soul. One that I missed so much in the calamansi juice with coconut water, hmm yummy! The thing is that you have to use calamansi orange to get the taste right.

1 cup fresh green citrus juice
1 can of coconut water with pulp
1/4 cup sugar syrup
1 cup ice

How to prepare:
-add the sugar syrup in the bottom
-add the ice almost full
-add the calamansi orange juice
-add the coconut water

4 thoughts on “Calamansi Coconut Drink

  1. oh my god….I missed this drink. Everytime I feel sick, I used to drink this calamasi juice. I usually make it warm. Your one looks very refreshing.

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