Kembang Tahu

Makes 4 portions

There is a hot dessert we have called Kembang Tahu or yuba, meaning the flower of the tofu. This tofu is more silky and soft so you have to spoon it. In Japan there are two types, the first one is very cheap 100Y for 4 small portions boxes or the expensive one, it is sold as a bottle of soy milk with a starter attached. Anytime you want to make just add the starter. This type is usually eaten directly, so no frying. Back to the kembang tahu, the seller will tilt two big pans. One with the yuba the other with the ginger brown sugar syrup.

I like to make it at home, especially when the weather is cold and you need a boost of energy. Japanese ginger is not as hot as Indonesian ginger so sometimes I grate a bunch, get the juice and add into the syrup. It is simple and cost little to make, so enjoy!

1 cup soft silk tofu (no egg)
300 ml water
½ cup brown sugar
3 tbs sugar
6 cm ginger

How to prepare:
-cut the ginger into thin slices
-boil water and add the brown sugar, sugar and ginger
-when the taste has blended, turn of heat
-scoop some tofu thinly and place in a cup half full
-add the warm sugar and fill the cup


8 thoughts on “Kembang Tahu

  1. Oh, I love this. My grandmother used to buy it for me when I was a kid from this elderly street vendor. So great to know that I can try making it at home! Thanks for this.

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