Marusankakusikaku – Sendai

marusankakusikaku ahiru salad

After watching the Sendai Pageant of Starlight Festival, we were hungry and found a nice restaurant in Kokobuncho area. The restaurant name is Maru Sankaku Sikaku, this family restaurant is recommended by a lot of travel agencies and you can bring the baby stroller inside. We started of with their delicious smoke duck salad. The salad leaves were fresh and crisp, together with the Japanese dressing and the duck made the salad a good starter.

marusankakusikaku shirako

Our next menu was a starter in the recommended daily menu, this is Shirako, fish milt. It tasted like my favorite food, fried goat brain.Oh yum! The starter goes with dashi. For those who are new to Shirako, they are male fish intestine filled with sperm, so very high in protein I suppose.


For the kids meal, we ordered sake ocha suke. A small bowl with rice, grilled salmon and green tea as broth. My eldest daughter doesn’t eat much so one of these could the tummy of two of my kids. For our meal, we ordered their recommended specialty which is the grilled shio chicken with thin sliced onions and Japanese dressing. Sprinkle some lemon juice before eating the meal. We also ordered the home made fresh udon that comes with the dashi stock. We came to late and many of the food are already sold out, like their signature gyutan steak. Maybe next time.

marusankakusikaku grilled shio chicken  marusankakusikaku fresh udon


2 thoughts on “Marusankakusikaku – Sendai

  1. err, fish milt, i once try the raw and i guess i din’t like it, i guess i’m lovin the deep fried version…
    i once had a poached salmon with brown rice and drenched with camommile tea in a french restaurant, bizzarely delicious, i guess i love it with ocha too….
    what a lovely dish they got there, lucky you my friend!!!

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