Serves 2-3

The weather is gradually getting colder. We will have to bid farewell to summer and welcome Autumn. Compared to other years before, this years summer was short, replace by a prolonged rainy and windy seasons. “Nabe” or hot pot recipes will then be in season. Let us prepare today the popular sukiyaki soup. The soup consist of thin sliced beef meat, tofu, assorted vegetables and green onions.You can invite friends along at home and have some chit chats while enjoying sukiyaki. In Indonesia, Sukiyaki is popularly presented by all you can eat ala Japanese restaurants such as the famous Hanamasa. I never knew what that means but the serving is good. Come there with you family or lot’s of friend because it can get boring eating continuously alone. If you like, you can prepare raw egg in a bowl, dip the beef in it before eating.

200 gr thin slices beef sirloin
1 lt chicken/beef/dashi stock
1/3 cup mirin
2/3 cup soyu
1 tbs sugar

100 gr enoki mushroom
100 gr shitake mushroom, cut vertically
100 gr chrisantinium leaves
1 scallion, cut vertically
1 small bag shiratake or glass noodles
1 cup tofu

How to prepare:

-heat the stock in the pan until it boils
-add mirin, soyu and sugar
-add the thin sliced beef, one at a time
When ready to serve
-heat hot pot on the table
-place the enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom, scallion, shiratake and tofu beautifully in a pot
-add the stock and the beef
-eat it while its hot


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