InTerNet (Indomie Telor Kornet)


Serves 1

Starting dinner time, There will be stalls open that sells indomie, toast bread, grilled bananas and assorted warm drinks. These are students favorite hang outs especially during those examinations periods. When I was still a university students, we have to memorize  books as thick as encyclopedias. In the examinations periods, I use to stay up until the morning to prepare for the exams. When I get hungry, I knock my friends  room in front of me to get something to eat. We have our favorite stall called “DwiLingga”. My favorite food was InTerNet that stands for Indomie noodles, poached eggs and corned beef. You can choose to have the soup one or the dry ones and I always pick the dry one with extra shredded cheese.

By this time, you must be thinking why on earth do I have to put this so common recipe in my blog. Well, it is not easy to make a good one. A lot of stall sell this, but “DwiLingga” is the best. Their INTERNET is still crisp and the soup very light and tasty.  I have been observing how they make these for years. It’s all in the method, they always separate the water to boil the noodle, another separated boiling water to boil the veggies and another boiling water for the soup. Sounds complicated, well it does take all that process to make a good INTERNET.

1 indomie onion chicken/mie goreng
1 poached egg
1 pok coy
2 tbs corned beef

How to make:
-boil water and boil cut pok coy, simmer and set aside
-in the same water, poach eggs half done or cooked, simmer and set aside
-boil new water and cook the noodles, simmer and drop in the bowl with flavor
-for the ayam bawang: in a bowl, add the flavor powder, oil and brand new boiled water, then add the  noodles
-for the mie goreng: add the flavor powder, oil in a bowl, add the noodles mix it together the pour into the serving bowl
-decorate the top part with pok coy, eggs and corned beef


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