Zenjirou Tanya

Zenjirou Tanya/たんや善治郎

When our family miss the taste of Indonesian “mie ayam”, we visit Zenjirou Tanya as their “Gyutan ramen” is prepared similar to the Indonesian version of noodles. Dry and tasty with meat on top and a cup of beef broth to go along with. This restaurant also adds some mild chili sauce just like how the Indonesian will eat their mie ayam. Moreover some raw egg yolk to give a creamy taste.


Another Indonesian all time favorite is wonton soup. This restaurant serves gyutan wonton soup with heaps of broth and noodles to go with. We Indonesian usually add some vinegar, chili oil and pepper to spice it up more. They add up heaps of green onions and young bamboo in the soup that adds the taste.
wonton soup

This is their Gyu-tan set, it comes with the beef tounge, corned beef and beef loaf variation for you to taste. As a side dish, they accompany with pickled Chinese cabbage and miso green chili. The set also gives you a bowl of beef broth with beef and shredded green onions.

My all time favorite are the gyu tan sausage that comes with mustard. The taste is just like German sausages that I always miss a lot.

There is the kids menu of gyutan Japanase curry with pudding and orange juice to go along.
kids menu

When the whole family is satisfied then we can go home happily.


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