Umai Sushi Kan

Umai Sushi Kan
This restaurant is recommended by Sendai tourism board, Umai Sushi Kan is ‘umai/delicious’ indeed. You have to be patient to dine in in this restaurant because there is always a waiting line from 30 minutes to more than an hour. At the down town branch, the main customers are senior citizens. So, what makes this restaurant highly recommended? The quality of the fish is really good and they have various assorted of soyu on the table. The restaurant serves nigiri, makimono gunkan, Tokusen setto, assorted miso shiro, ippin ryori, and desserts. These are their specialities that we ordered.


Sashimi salad, a very fresh tasting salad with assorted sashimi toppings

sashimi bowl
Sashimi Don, if you like sashimi, you will be delightful with this sashimi rice bowl.

Ikura bowl
Ikura Don, a lovely warm rice bowl with salmon roe

Tuna Soup
Maguro Nabe, we love the serving, we love the taste

Whale nigiri

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